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Yes, this is Hetalia. I get obsessed with something, it's my favourite thing for a while, and I don't do anything but that. It's been like that my whole life and I'm not changing now!
Lucky for you guys, I just so happen to be obsessed with a certain world history anime that doesn't make much sense.

So this story is centred around Poland and Switzerland, or, in this case, Feliks and Basch.
I hope you enjoy.

Brought Together (Chapter 1) - Hetalia Human!AU


Something pressed down on his shoulder.  That woke him up.  Who dared to interrupt his beauty sleep?  He opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was his father’s grey eyes staring down at him.  He was hovering over him, staring down at him expectantly.  Why?  What had he done this time?

His father spoke.



Feliks gained awareness of his surroundings, opening his eyes from the barely-open slits that they were to the emerald green, sleep-deprived half-moons that he wore on his face now.  He propped himself up onto his elbow, questioning his father in his head.  Like, what does he want?  Why is he waking me up this early?

His father sat himself down on his son’s bed, looking at him with excitement and happiness.  Feliks raised an eyebrow. 

“Hej?  What is it?” he yawned.

“Good morning, Feliks!  Your mother and I need to talk to you in the kitchen, all right?  Come downstairs when you’re ready.  Verticalize yourself!” his father replied.  What?  They were never this urgent.  It must have been something really important.  Maybe one of his cousins was coming to visit. 

Feliks looked at the clock.  7:33.  It was that early?  He’d thought it was later than that!  Nine in the morning at least.  Oh well, apparently not.  Still half asleep, he kicked his red and white comforter off of him and swung his legs off his bed.  After a long stretch, he wandered down the hall to the bathroom.  He stared himself down in the mirror, studying his blond shoulder-length hair.  Ugh, it was everywhere.  Talk about a bedhead. 

The blond ran a brush through his hair, trying his best to straighten it without pulling it too hard.  After about thirty seconds, he decided he was done and proceeded to run down the stairs.

“Mum?  Dad?” Feliks yelled.  Where did they go?  It was always so loud in the Łukasiewicz household.  Now it was quiet.  Too quiet for Feliks.

He looked around a bit.  Behind the counter, under the table, in the hallway, behind doors.  Closets, bathrooms…  Nothing.  Feliks tried again.

“Mum?  Dad?”  Still, no reply.  He slumped himself against a wall, next to some of his childhood pictures and a calendar.  He took a look at said calendar.  November 11.  That was the date. 

Wait a minute…



Feliks’s parents jumped out of a closet, his father with a bunch of balloons and his mother holding a box. 

“Happy birthday, Feliks!” his mum cheered, setting the box on the kitchen table and giving him a big hug.  “Oh, our little boy is almost all grown up now!”

“What?”  Feliks mumbled to himself in confusion.  He was still half asleep.

“It feels like it was just yesterday that we brought you home for the first time…  Now look at you!  Our big seventeen-year-old!” his dad said, patting Feliks on the back.  Feliks blinked.  Seventeen-?  When did he turn seventeen?  He certainly didn’t feel seventeen.

What?” Feliks asked again, louder this time.  His mum let go of him, but still held onto his arms.  Her brown eyes looked into his green ones. 

“Mój syn*, it’s your birthday, remember?  Twój wyjątkowy dzień**?”

The blond stared at his mother, trying to process her Polish.  He just woke up, it was only, like, 7:30.  He didn’t even understand English at this time of day, none the less his second language. 

“R-Right!  I have a birthday!  Like totally.  What’s… in the box?” he asked, looking over his mum’s shoulder at the surprise on the table.  He turned to his dad.  “And do those happen to be mine?”

His father chuckled and handed over the balloons.  Feliks nodded, then walked over to the box.  What was in it?  Who was it?  His mum came over and opened the box.  In it was a red and white cake, decorated with swirls of green and writing in the same colour that read “Wszystkiego najlepszego***, Feliks!”  Sitting on the cake was a little plastic dragon.  Feliks loved dragons.

“It’s a dragon cake!  I fucking love dragons!” he yelled.  The family came together for a group hug, with Feliks in the middle.

“Why don’t we celebrate today?  I know a certain ice cream shoppe we could all go to later…!” his dad suggested.  The blond perked up, his eyes gleaming.

“You don’t mean…?”

“I mean.”



“Oh my god!  Really!?”


Feliks laughed.  He was certain that starting now, his eighteenth birthday would be his best birthday yet.  He couldn’t wait to actually be able to function instead of wander around like a zombie.

“I love you guys.  Naprawdę cię kocham****.”

“We love you too, Feliks,” his mother replied.


“I don’t think you’re going to be able to eat that entire thing, Feliks.”

“Don’t underestimate me, Dad!  I have like three stomachs!”

It was now later in the afternoon, around four.  The Łukasiewicz family had just come out of the Malinowa ice cream shoppe, each member holding his or her own respective flavour.  Feliks’s dad had gotten a chocolate vanilla swirl topped with yellow sprinkles.  His mum had tried the maple nut flavour, pouring as much chocolate syrup on it as humanly possible.  As For Feliks?  He went all out.  He had three scoops of birthday cake ice cream (one of his favourites, no matter what time of year it was), and he topped it off with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel and a cherry.

They were all currently sitting in the car, driving through the streets of Warsaw, enjoying their ice cream.  Today couldn’t get any better.

Feliks looked up from his cone and smiled.

“Hej…  Thank you guys for all this.  You really didn’t need to.”

“Oh, sweetie, we wanted to!  We wanted to see you happy today.  It’s your birthday, for god’s sake.  You need to remember it somehow!” his mother answered from the passenger seat.  Feliks blushed.  His parents were awesome.

“Aw, mum…  You guys are the best.”

“We try!” his dad joked.  He stopped the car, waiting for the red light to turn green.

“I guess I’m gonna have to move out soon, though.  I mean, I’m gonna be an adult in a year.  I don’t think I’ll be able to make it out there…  The world sucks.”

“Aw, don’t talk like that. You’ll do fine.  Plus, you can stay with us for as long as you need to.”  His mum smiled at him through the rearview mirror.  The light turned green, and his dad pressed down on the gas pedal.  Unbeknownst to them, even though the other light turned red, someone else’s car still came barreling down the road.

“Really?”  Feliks’s eyes lit up.

“Really!  Now eat your ice cream.  It’s gonna melt!”

“All right!  All right.”  Feliks licked his ice cream again.  “This is so good…  Who wants a li-…?”  The blond stopped.  He saw the other car.  “-DAD!

He was too late. 

His green eyes went wide, but a second later he couldn’t see anything.  All Feliks heard was a screech, then a crash.  He felt himself spinning, flipping over.  He hit his head on something hard.  The last thing he remembered was the smell of smoke.





"H-hn?”  Feliks opened his eyes.  He was lying on his bed, staring up at a man with grey eyes.  “D-Dad…?” He remembered the ice cream.  The talk in the car, the laughs, the sudden panic, the spinning, everything going black…  It was a car crash, wasn’t it?  Feliks thought to himself.  But looking up at the man with the grey eyes like his dad’s…  Maybe it was his dad.  Maybe it had all been a terrible dream, and now his father was here to wake him up on his seventeenth birthday.  He swore to avoid going outside today.  He waited for his dad to say something…

“No, Feliks…  It’s the doctor.  Are you functioning well?”

His heart sunk.  No, it dropped.  It crashed into the floor at high speed, shattering into a million little pieces.  It had actually happened.  This wasn’t his room.  He was lying in a hospital bed.  The blond started to panic, looking around the room for his parents, his eyes widening with fear and shock.  No.  No, this can’t be happening.  This can’t happen.  Not now.

“M-Mum?  Dad!?  Wh-Where are they!?  Where am I!?” Feliks yelled, trying to sit up.  He kicked at the blankets on the bed, sending one to the floor.  “Take me back home!”

“Feliks!  Calm down!  Y-You’re in a critical state-!  You can’t do this!” the doctor ordered, standing up to try to hold the Polish man down.  Feliks only stopped fighting when he lifted his left arm above his head.  It hurt like bitch, not to mention that something was holding it from extending any further anyway.  Feliks yelped in pain, then slowly brought his arm back down. 

“A-Ah!  Ow…  My arm…” he groaned.  He examined it, not noticing what had happened to it before.  It was in a sling, and his lower arm was in a green cast.  His hand and the rest of his arm was covered in bandages.  He decided to examine the rest of his body.  On his right shoulder, there were more bandages wrapped around it, holding a giant wad of gauze or cotton (he didn’t know which) to some kind of cut.  He had stitches down his upper right leg, another green cast wrapped around his left, and…  What the fuck were those in his stomach?  Staples?  Did someone staple his belly closed?  He reached up and touched his forehead with his good hand, the spot where his head had bumped hard against… something.  He felt stitches. 

Feliks looked at the doctor.  “What…?  What happened?  O-ow!  Ow…”

“You…  You were in a car crash, Feliks.  You and your parents,” the doctor replied.  Feliks stared at him.

“H-How?  They weren’t doing anything wrong!”

“Drunk driver.  One of the main reasons for accidents.  Your parents had nothing to do with what happened.  Someone else drove through a red light and hit your car at top speed.”

“Where did he hit the…?”

“The other car…  It rammed into the driver’s seat.  Sent your car off the road and tumbling down a hill.”

Feliks almost cried.  His dad was in the driver’s seat, and the other car had rammed itself into that very spot, going as fast as it could go.  Did that mean…?

“D-Doctor?” Feliks whispered.  “Are my parents…?  Are they okay?”

The doctor gave his patient a look of sympathy.  His grey eyes met the blond’s green ones, and with one look, Feliks got the message.

“I’m…  I’m sorry, Feliks…  Your father died on impact…  We rushed you and your mother here as quickly as we could, but she…  She died of blood loss along the way...”

Feliks shut his eyes.  No more.  No more of this.  He couldn’t stand it.  He almost started screaming again, yelling at the doctor to shut up.  To say that he was lying.  That his parents were fine and he would see them again.  He knew better, though.  He was in no condition to throw a fit.  Instead he turned his head as best he could and let out a sob.  Why did this happen?  Why?  In a matter of minutes, Feliks was a crying mess.

The doctor didn’t do anything. 

Okay so I know you people probably don't care but I need to say a thing

1. I want to start posting stories on here
I'm gonna take that chance
I suck at stuff compared to others right now but I'll get there
It's not MS Paint
I can remake all my stuff, make even mORE stuff, and spend more time on here because now my pictures won't be all pixelly

I am very happy

Now continue your day
Ufu~ by dragonfire341
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA but look at it though

Isn't it adorable

Ja it's Russia get over it
He's my secret boyfriend that doesn't exist don't yell at me

So... da, have a Russia! Mweheeheheehwheheeh

Prussia Doing his Prussian Thing by dragonfire341
Prussia Doing his Prussian Thing
I got really bored and I drew this up.

Then I had the brilliant idea to share this with the world.



But yeah... It's my first upload in, like, TWO MONTHS, so here you go.
And yes, I know it's really sloppy, and yes, I know I did this with MS Paint.
My computer doesn't like Paint Tool SAI or anything else for that matter very much.



1. China is a HUGE Fall Out Boy fan. His favorite song has to be "Centuries" because he's been here forever and he's the frozen proof. (Thumbs up if you understand that part!)

If someone stares at China for more than 30 seconds, even if he can’t see them, he starts shifting in his seat uncomfortably because he can sense things like that.

3. China has tried to swallow a sword once. It didn't go very well and he ended up going to the hospital. 

Although China uses it to defend himself and the people he’s close to, he has never once used his wok to cook.

If anyone ever asks why China looks 18 when he’s really 4,000, he uses this answer: “It’s ancient Chinese secret."

6. Hong Kong is one you should really worry about when he handles fireworks. He goes crazy every time his birthday rolls around.

7. China and all the other Asian countries make sure to keep all matches away from Hong Kong.

8. Japan and China both find it really annoying when people mistake them for girls. Like, REALLY annoying.

9. Japan is insanely good at video games. He's the friend that chooses Rainbow Road in Mario Kart.

10. Back before Japan made any contact with the rest of the world, he was a samurai warrior in his country's army. 

11. Japan can fit watching literally any and all anime into his schedule somehow. 

Greece believes the gods his mother told him about exist, and has tried to convince to Japan many times that they really do.

America is missing one of his back teeth, due to Japan punching him too hard in the face when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

14. Due to the terrible school system in his country, America hates it just as much as every other teen in the USA.

15. Whenever "Uptown Funk" plays in the car, he doesn't care who else in in the car with him. America must dance.

16. Japan and America often get together to play video games, and America always ends up getting super angry during Mario Kart because Japan usually beats him.

17. At some point in his life, America was obsessed with Webkinz.

18. America overuses the Doge meme.

Canada is ambidextrous.

20. Out of habit, he switches hands every few times he writes something down.

21. This confuses the hell out of America because he doesn't realize that some people can do that.

Canada is a really good singer. Nobody really knows, though, because no one pays attention.

23. In the Human AU, America and Canada actually have different dads. This explains why Alfred's last name is Jones while Matthew's is Williams. 

Britain can see and hear the dead as well as he communicates with his magical creatures.

Britain plays the bagpipes as well as the bass guitar, courtesy of Scotland.

26. When Britain was a pirate, he worked on other ships before he was captain of his own.

27. During this period, Britain once accidentally shot a cannonball through the deck of one of the ships he worked on. 

28. He still has absolutely no idea how that happened.

29. Britain has a spell he can use to travel to any who, what, where or when. It's his favorite spell.

30. Not only does he have that spell, but he also has the Invisibility Cloak from the Harry Potter series.

31. Britain is obsessed with Pottermore.

Australia has a scar on his upper left arm from a crocodile bite. It’s shaped like a “J”.

33. Australia wears contacts. He hates wearing glasses.

34. New Zealand is terrified of spiders. On a completely unrelated note, Australia has three pet tarantulas.

35. When New Zealand was really little, he legitimately believed he was a sheep for a while.

36. Australia hates when America says "Crikey." Whenever he does, Australia makes sure he chases him around with a spoonful of Vegemite. (I didn't come up with this.)

Italy, Romano and Seborga all take pasta very seriously, especially Italy. If someone doesn't know what pasta is or tastes like, none of them will hesitate to give that person Pasta 101.

38. Seborga is obsessed with ketchup.

39. Romano and Italy are actually really good at designing clothes. Romano just doesn't like to do it and Italy never has the time because he’s too busy mass-producing white flags instead.

40. Romano has his own little tomato garden in his backyard. Nobody is allowed to touch it.

41. Romano has an irrational fear of turtles. 

42. Italy finds it hilarious that Romano is scared of turtles.

43. Italy hates when it rains at his house. He prefers the sunshine much more than a rainy day.

44. Romano, on the other hand, loves when it rains. 

45. Seborga rests in the middle and loves when it's cloudy out. 

46. Seborga is Romano's and Italy's cousin.

47. Vatican City is the father of the Italy brothers.

48. Italy and Romano always play Super Mario Bros. on the Wii. Romano is great at it. Italy can't figure out how to do anything.

Germany and Prussia were not allowed to see each other while the Berlin Wall was up.

Prussia is better at holding his beer than Germany is.

51.Because of this, Germany and Prussia often have drinking contests to see who gets drunk first.

52. Prussia almost always wins these contests, and his reason is “Because I’m awesome!”

53. Sometimes Belgium joins in on these drinking contests, and when she does she beats both Germany and Prussia at them.

54. Germany is grown-up Holy Rome. (This one is common, I know...)

55. When Holy Rome went to war, he was defeated and almost abolished, causing him to lose his memories. However, Germania and Prussia re-raised him as Germany. (Again, really common.)

56. Although Germany is an adult and he doesn't remember where he got it, he still has Chibitalia’s push broom sitting in the corner of his room.

57. Lithuania and Prussia are distant cousins, due to the Old Prussian kingdom basically linking that whole part of Europe together at the time.

58. This proves Lithuania is descended from Germania, while Estonia is descended from Scandinavia and Latvia is distantly related to Russia.

59. The whole Germanian family drools in their sleep. This means Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Lithuania and ESPECIALLY Prussia.

60. India can read people’s palms.

61. Denmark once went to have his palms read, and even since then he’s been scared of India’s “psychic powers” and refuses to talk about them.

62. All the Nordics snore.

63. You’d think Denmark snores the loudest, right? Wrong. Norway’s snoring is the loudest and Denmark comes in a close second.

64. Not only is Finland a good shot with a sniper rifle, but also with a bow and arrows.

65. Finland is a huge fan of My Chemical Romance, Green Day and Owl City.

66. Iceland is great at fishing, but not with a fishing pole. He seems to be good at spearing fish instead.

67. He never tells anyone about it, but Iceland can play the guitar. 

68. He prefers the acoustic guitar over the electric guitar.

69. Norway can see Britain's magical creatures, as well as his own. He finds it funny when Britain gets scared of his trolls.

70. Norway spends a lot of time in the woods. He likes to be alone and think about stuff.

71. Both Denmark and Sweden are in love with ice cream and they always argue over who owns the Rocky Road flavor.

72. Sweden can beatbox like nobody’s business.

73. Liechtenstein can rap really well and her talent scares Switzerland. (Not my idea either.)

74. Liechtenstein and Sweden meet up sometimes, and when they do they make the best rapping team in the history of ever.

75. Switzerland despises flying, climbing, tall buildings and towering roller coasters.

76. Why? 
Switzerland has an unnatural fear of heights. How he scales the Alps? Even he doesn't know.

77. Austria and Switzerland yodel insults and who had better discount prices at each other across the Alps all the time. (Not my headcanon either.)

78. When this happens, Liechtenstein and Hungary always meet up to watch it happen.

79. People may think that Switzerland is the best yodeler, but in reality, LIECHTENSTEIN is the yodeling master. She does it often.

80. Liechtenstein has a little crush on Latvia. Unbeknownst to her, Latvia likes her back, and his crush is tripled in size.

81. Hungary can't sing high notes without shaking her voice. 

Poland is naturally a really good nail artist.

83. Because Poland seemingly knows how to do this, he spends a lot of money buying different paints and other things from stores everywhere.

84. Even though he’s been doing this for a while, Poland STILL doesn't understand how nail polish remover can spill all over your hand, make puddles on the table and still feel perfectly freaking dry.

Poland doesn't like any sorts of polish remover because he interprets it as Polish remover. Polish remover isn't good for Poland.

86. In the Human AU, Poland and Switzerland are twins. Poland was separated from his family at birth, was adopted and raised in, well, Poland. Meanwhile, Switzerland was kept by his biological family, the Germanics. The two didn't meet until much later in their lives.

Russia is scared of the dark. He doesn't want anything to be able to attack him when he can't see.

88. When Russia’s voice gets really low at random times, all the countries think he’s angry and they run away. In reality they’re just voice cracks. Really abnormal voice cracks, but still voice cracks.

Russia, Belarus and Ukraine tend to call themselves the “Soviet Siblings” for reasons they cannot and will not explain.

90. Russia can play the piano almost as well as Austria. 

91. France has once shaved his beard. He hated it not being there but at the same time was astounded by how smooth his face was.

92. France is a really good artist. His favorite thing to do is sketch. He specifically likes to sketch people.

93. No one really pays attention to it, but France carries a notebook around everywhere he goes. He usually keeps pens and pencils in his pockets, too.

94. France does, in fact, have an emergency baguette in his bedroom. Just in case.

95. Monaco has tried to teach France ballet quite a few times. France is actually decent at it, too.

96. Both Monaco and France are chocoholics. 

97. Belgium is an even bigger chocoholic than France and Monaco combined.

98. Belgium often celebrates "Waffle Wednesday," where she chooses a specific Wednesday each month and bakes a whole hell of a lot of waffles just for fun.

The Netherlands goes on shopping sprees when he’s high. He spends a lot of money on them.

100. On the days when the world is supposed to end, all the countries and micronations have a sleepover together just in case anything happens. (Not my headcanon either...!)

FINALLY! It's DONE! I couldn't ever get around to finishing it because 1. I have a lot of stuff to do and 2. I am a lazy barnacle. Enjoy! I hope you like them!


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