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1. America doesn’t throw the ball at Canada on purpose. He hits him on accident because he claims he can’t see Canada.

2. Denmark, America and Prussia all have HUGE loves for ice cream, even bigger than Canada’s. Once Denmark ate all of America’s ice cream, blamed it on Prussia, and America almost called the cops.

3. Not only is Finland a good shot with a sniper rifle, but also with a bow and arrows.

4. Although Iceland doesn’t admit to the fact that Norway is his brother, from time to time he calls him his older sister because teasing is fun to do.

5. From time to time Latvia sneaks sips of vodka from Russia’s kitchen, even though he knows if he gets caught he’ll probably die.

6. America and Prussia spend all their time on the internet. America obsessively Tumblrs and Prussia obsessively Facebooks.

7. Russia is scared of the dark, but only because he doesn’t want General Winter or anyone else to try to attack him when he can’t see.

8. Lithuania and Prussia are distant cousins, due to the Old Prussian kingdom basically linking that whole part of Europe together at the time.

9. This proves Lithuania is descended from Germania, while Estonia is descended from Scandinavia and Latvia is distantly related to Russia.

10. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine tend to call themselves the “Soviet Siblings” for reasons they cannot and will not explain.

11. Lithuania has a crush on Belarus, but the biggest factor of this crush is the fact that he’s impressed that only Belarus can scare Mr. Russia. He finds it unbelievably fascinating she can do that.

12. Germany and Prussia were not allowed to see each other while the Berlin Wall was up.

13. Iceland is great at fishing, but not with a fishing pole. He seems to be good at spearing fish instead.

14. Turkey loves tropical fruit. He doesn’t care what country it’s from. Mangoes, strawberries, oranges, bananas, papayas...

15. The only reason for the Revolutionary War to start wasn’t because America didn’t want to have anything to do with Britain, but instead because America just wanted to see the world Britain knew.

16. Britain wouldn’t let America do this because he was afraid America would leave and never come back.

17. Even though America shouldn’t be trusted around fireworks, Hong Kong is the one you should really worry about. He goes crazy with his fireworks every time his birthday rolls around.

18. China and all the other Asian countries make sure to keep all matches away from Hong Kong.

19. When England gets drunk, he walks around bothering America and/or France to “go to Candy Mountain, Charlie!”

20. Although China uses it to defend himself and the people he’s close to, he has never once used his wok to cook.

21. Poland is naturally a really good nail artist.

22. Because Poland seemingly knows how to do this, he spends a lot of money buying different paints and other things from stores everywhere.

23. Even though he’s been doing this for a while, Poland STILL doesn’t understand how nail polish remover can spill all over your hand, make puddles on the table and still feel perfectly freaking dry.

24. Egypt gets really angry if any of the other countries try to climb his pyramids. He finds it disrespectful to the Pharaohs of his past.

25. Greece believes the gods his mother told him about exist, and has tried to convince to Japan many times that they really do.

26. If someone stares at China for more than 30 seconds, even if he can’t see them, he starts shifting in his seat uncomfortably because he can sense things like that.

27. Only one person has ever seen Russia’s neck, and that’s Ukraine.

28. She knows he’s hiding something on his neck, but she can’t remember if it’s either a scar or an embarrassing birthmark.

29. India can read people’s palms.

30. Denmark once went to have his palms read, and even since then he’s been scared of India’s “psychic powers” and refuses to talk about them.

31. Canada swears silently in French so no one knows he does it. Except for, like, France.

32. Romano is jealous of how well Spain dances.

33. One time Romano asked Spain how to salsa. Being as air-headed as he is, Spain started to teach him how to make salsa sauce instead.

34. Italy is scared of Britain because Italy knows he does black magic.

35. Prussia sometimes wishes that Hungary was (or still thought) she was a boy so they could do really childish things together like pranking and scaring people.

36. Austria doesn’t like to talk about it, but he also plays the guitar as well as the piano.

37. When Russia’s voice gets really low at random times, all the countries think he’s angry and they run away, when in reality they’re just voice cracks. Really abnormal voice cracks, but still voice cracks.

38. Poland doesn’t like any sorts of polish remover because he interprets it as Polish remover.

39. When any of the countries are driving around, instead of playing the License Plate Game, they play the Landmark Game. An example would be like America driving through Texas. “Currently drivin’ through my glasses. Go Texas!”

40. Australia has a scar on his upper left arm from a crocodile bite. It’s shaped like a “J”.

41. Finland goes with Sweden to Ikea for two reasons only: It’s fun to hang out with friends and he must steal all the pencils.

42. Seychelles and Liechtenstein are good friends, but they don’t see each other that often, due to the distance between their homes.

43. The ribbons in Seychelles’ hair are from Liechtenstein. The two girls went shopping together and bought Seychelles’ ribbons from the same place Liechtenstein bought hers.

44. Britain, Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales are all brothers, while Ireland is their cousin.

45. When Britain was a pirate and America was little, Britain always let him wear his hat and pretend to steer the ship.

46. Prussia is better at holding his beer than Germany is.

47. Because of this, Germany and Prussia often have drinking contests to see who gets drunk first.

48. Prussia almost always wins these contests, and his reason is “Because I’m awesome!”

49. Sometimes Belgium joins in on these drinking contests, and when she does she beats both Germany and Prussia at them.

50. Germany is grown-up Holy Rome. (This one is hella common I know)

51. When Holy Rome went to war, he was defeated and almost abolished, causing him to lose his memories. However, Germania and Prussia re-raised him as Germany. (Again hella common)

52. Although Germany is an adult and he doesn’t remember where he got it, he still has Chibitalia’s push broom sitting in the corner of his room.

53. The only three ways to make Japan angry is to mess with his food, to mess with his “special mangas” and to invade his personal space in any way.

54. Not only is Japan disturbed by America’s brightly-colored food, but he’s also a little disturbed about the fact that there is an alien living in America’s house.

55. Italy, Romano and Seborga all take pasta very seriously, especially Italy. If someone doesn’t know what pasta is or tastes like, none of them will hesitate to give that person Pasta 101.

56. Seborga is obsessed with ketchup.

57. America is missing one of his back teeth, due to Japan punching him too hard in the face when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

58. Whenever a nation gets bombed by another nation, they get massive headaches until the whole thing is resolved.

59. South Korea never gropes Japan because the Jap looks like a girl from behind. He gropes him because he wants to piss Japan off.

60. Italy is a HUGE hugger and it bothers Romano to the point where he’s yelled at him for it.

61. Romano and Italy are actually really good at designing clothes. Romano just doesn’t like to do it and Italy never has the time because he’s too busy mass-producing white flags instead.

62. Britain is the only one who has ever actually spent time getting to know his 2P.

63. Britain is jealous of Oliver because he can cook, even with poison and whatever else goes into an evil cupcake.

64. France actually believes his little cloak is in fact a cape, but he never admits it because he doesn’t want to sound stupid.

65. France claims Pierre is a messenger pigeon solely because he uses Pierre as a mail deliverer.

66. Canada is ambidextrous.

67. Out of habit, he switches hands every few times he writes something down.

68. This confuses the hell out of America because he doesn’t realize that some people can do that.

69. Flying Mint Bunny and Pierre are friends, but France and Britain don’t know this.

70. America secretly calls the Magic Trio (Britain, Norway and Romania if you didn’t know) the “World’s Wizarding Weirdos,” or “WWW” for short.

71. If anyone ever asks why China looks 18 when he’s really 4,000 he uses one of these two answers: “It’s ancient Chinese secret” or “Maybe I’m born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.”

72. Though Canada says he hates the song “Canadian Idiot,” he secretly sings it to himself all the time because it’s funny and, sometimes, true.

73. Canada is a really good singer, but nobody knows because he sings so soft that no one can hear him.

74. Britain plays the bagpipes as well as the bass guitar, courtesy of Scotland.

75. Switzerland has an unnatural fear of heights. How he scales the Alps, even he doesn’t know.

76. Austria and Switzerland yodel insults and who had better discount prices at each other across the Alps all the time. (Stolen somewhere from Tumblr)

77. When this happens, Liechtenstein and Hungary always meet up to watch it happen.

78. The only reason Prussia writes each and every little thing he does down in his diaries is because he wants someone to write a book all about him called “The Awesome Adventures of the Awesome Prussia.”

79. If anybody touches either Finland’s or Switzerland’s beret, they both get angry and someone probably dies.

80. Japan and China both find it really annoying when people mistake them for girls. Like REALLY annoying.

81. Russia plays the drums. No questions asked. He can play the drums.

82. If Britain focuses really hard, he can make a decent meal. It’ll still be kind of hard to chew, but the food will taste decent.

83. Ever since Romano told him so, Spain believed for a time, NO MATTER WHAT, that Britain actually draws his eyebrows on.

84. It took two whole months for Britain to prove to Spain that his eyebrows were, in fact, real.

85. Britain did this by taking Spain into a bathroom, soaking a rag and scrubbing his forehead with it for a good ten minutes. Only then did Spain believe that Britain’s eyebrows weren’t fake.

86. Sweden can beatbox like nobody’s business.

87. Liechtenstein can rap really well and her talent scares Switzerland. (Again. Stolen Tumblr post or something)

88. Liechtenstein and Sweden meet up sometimes, and when they do they make the best rapping team in the history of ever.

89. The Netherlands goes on shopping sprees when he’s high. He spends a lot of money on them.

90. Even though the Netherlands was claimed “The Tulip Country,” he and Turkey still fight over the nickname, no matter how stupid it sounds.

91. Turkey’s favorite Disney princess is Jasmine, because she’s from around his place.

92. Turkey’s fez is actually Doctor Who merchandise and he wears it around saying “I took the Doctor’s fez!”

93. Because both Britain and Turkey are fans of Doctor Who, not only are they fellow fanboys but they are also best friends.

94. On the days the world is supposed to end, all the countries have a sleepover together just in case anything happens. Even all the micronations come. (Not my headcanon either)

95. The whole Germanian family drools in their sleep. This means Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Lithuania and ESPECIALLY Prussia.

96. All the Nordics snore.

97. You’d think Denmark snores the loudest, right? Wrong. Norway’s snoring is the loudest and Denmark comes in a close second.

98. Britain can see and hear the dead as well as he communicates with his magical creatures.

99. France is a virgin. He just likes to think about the idea of romance, love and mushy stuff like that.

100. Canada is a MAJOR regular at Ihop. He may not be noticed by the other countries, but Canada is known by all the employees and considers the place his second home.



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